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Evolution of Technology At The Law Firm

August 30, 2010 by Walle Mafolasire

A few days ago, while at a business event featuring some of the who's who in Indiana Republican Politics, I had the great pleasure of meeting a very soft spoken, but distinctly bright, young man; Bryce Bennet. Bryce and I started chatting and very quickly we found a topic we shared similar passions on: Technology. Those who know me,  know that it's very natural for me to start talking technology wherever I am but, when an attorney decides to go toe-to-toe with me on this topic, its on!

On getting home, I decided to read more about this "lawyer" who is not a patent attorney, nor an I.P attorney but nevertheless seemed to be extremely enthusiastic about technology and its adoption. Little did I know that I was dealing with one of Indiana's super lawyers, who the IBJ describes as a "top-shot, " and by the way, looks a lot younger than his resume of accomplishments.

Bryce has a great sense of appreciation for technology and how it has revolutionized the law office. His article below, paints a very vivid picture of the evolution of technology in the law firm. He even references the old coiled car phone.  That's a classic. Bryce's article as featured in the Indiana Lawyer is a must read for all lawyers and all techies who have to support I.T. systems for law firms. Click on link below to go to article.

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